The Charity Work of Meredith Mac Rae

Meredith Mac Rae’s creed was “it never hurts to ask, the worst they could do is say no”. To her, any goal was achievable and that attitude made her a highly successful fundraiser.

She was a member of the Executive Committee for the Children's Burn Foundation, helping to find funds for special reconstructive surgery. She continued the tradition of her parents in supporting United Cerebral Palsy and served as their telethon's Hollywood host for 20 years. She also hosted the public television marathons for many years.

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The new Mac Rae/Edelman Center in Culver City, California was named (posthumously) after Meredith in honor of all her work. The Center’s purpose is to work with Adult Cerebral Palsy victims to make their lives easier.

Meredith served on the Board of Directors of Chapman University where her daughter attended. The Women in Film organization set up a scholarship at Chapman University in Meredith’s name to help aspiring young women film makers.

Information is listed below if you would like to support the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, or Women in Film, two of the many organizations that Meredith
Mac Rae loved.

Additionally, we have included information about Dr. Keith Black, Meredith’s brain surgeon, who runs a brain cancer research center through Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

United Cerebral Palsy
Write on Check in Memory of Meredith Mac Rae
6430 Independence Avenue
Woodland Hills, California 91367
Phone: (818) 782-2211
Fax: (818) 909-9106

Brain Cancer Research
Note on check: In Memory of Meredith Mac Rae For Dr. Keith Black
Mail to: Ms. K. C. Miller
Cedar-Sinai Medical Center
Community Relations
8700 Beverly Blvd. Suite 2416
Los Angeles, California 90048
If you have any questions call Felicia Boyd at (310) 423-0825

A scholarship was set up by Women In Film to be given to a Women Film student at Chapman University in Orange, California.

Women In Film
8857 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 201
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 657-5144

Please Make checks out to Women In Film
Memo part of the check: Meredith Mac Rae Scholarship

Information on Chapman University
go to

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