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"I was just looking at your Lovely website, which is a beautiful Tribute to the life and astounding work of your Mom. After seeing all this, the bio and photo's and all, I regret that there is not much more that I can add, other than my family has always enjoyed her work, and that she had a pretty awesome singing voice..
And after all these years, I'm still watching her tv shows, especially Petticoat Junction, which is still one of my favorite shows."

Email Reply: "I am handicapped and your mom work for the handicapped made me a fan of her and her tv works too her website is one of the best i see thanks again for answer my email i come by often"

Email Reply: "On your Mom's lovely website, I didn't see any mention of her awesome work in animation, I believe that it would be pretty cool if you could list her voice work on that Batman-The Animated series. She did some really great work there, possibily the best of the entire show, on those cool Man-Bat cartoons. Even though the cartoon drawings don't look much like Miss Mac Rae, you can still tell that's her wonderful voice. Your Mom truly had the voice and beauty of an Angel. Currently I'm doing some cartoon artwork for Bill Asher, jr., son of Elizabeth Montgomery. Bill has me doing some drawings of his Mom, which I'm really honored to do."

Take care, and God bless.


"Just watched an old 'I've got a secret' show hosted by Steve Allen.  Miss MacRae was on with Pat Carroll, Richard Dawson, and Henry Morgan.  I have written a comment to you about three years ago.  Still have fond memories of her talent and gentility.  Meredith, although you are no longer with us down here, thanks for the memories.  If only television and film still had class like you.  God bless."


"I used to work as an administrator of student programs for the Emmy Awards Office in the early 80s.  We had a small staff, and I was young so they used to have me hand out the local Emmys.  I was a shy, young woman, and one of my sweetest memories during this time was that Meredith took the time to come over to me at the awards show and compliment me on how "pretty" I looked.  This meant so much to a young, shy Virginia girl who wore a consignment store dress and truly suffered from poor self-esteem at the time.  She was a warm, sweet lady, and she probably never realized how much her kind words meant to me.  I just wanted to let you know. So sorry about your grandmother and your mother.
May God bless you and your family. "


My name is Sarah Leong, a 60 year old Chinese cancer survivor living in Singapore.
I was a big fan of Petticoat Junction, and of your mother.....she was very lovely, looked like she was a very kind and warm hearted person.  I loved especially her beautiful smile.

I also thought that she looked very much like the British actress Diana Rigg when she was Mrs a Emma Peel in the hit TV series The Avengers....the same facial features, especially the mouth, except Miss Rigg was brunette.

I have studied numerology, and her reading indicates that she loved her home and family very much, that they were of prime importance to her, above all else.
Her numbers also show that she was a very very busy person, always on her feet, not sitting still, juggling many things at one time.

I am so happy to read that she is with the dolphins....she was such a bright and free spirit, it's wonderful to know that she is free to roam the seas.

Sarah Leong

I have to tell you about my first experience in meeting Meredith. My mother had taken me to the top of the tram in Palm Springs for dinner, around 1965. The show that night was the three Petticoat Junction girls (Meredith,Lori and Linda). They sang and danced and I sat mesmerized, sitting in the front row, at the beautiful women in front of me. I had to have their autographs, I was 11 years old. They were all so gracious and gave me their autographs. I just came across the piece of paper from that night with their autographs on it, going through my mothers things. I am so happy that I had a moment in time with this wonderful lady.

Thank you to a most beautiful and gracious lady.


"I came across this website when looking for a website to see how Sheila MacRae was doing. I attended Egremont Day School in the "Colonel"'s class with Meredith MacRae in 7th and 8th grades. I found a great article about Sheila's birthday last year and hope she is still doing okay. She was always so sweet to us kids!

I had two very best friends in Jr. high and Meredith was one of them. She was always very caring, and also had a wicked sense of humor. She was a leader and I was a follower, so when she said, "Hey, let's do so-and-so," I would always say, "Duh, sure, why not?". Unfortunately, my agreeableness sometimes got me in trouble. I remember once she gathered up some newspapers and we did a ritual dance around a fire we made from them in the driveway of Gordon and Sheila's beautiful home. We were dancing and screaming like Banshees. This went on for about 20 minutes until Gordon heard the ruckus, came out, and told us to cease and desist. Meredith dutifully cleaned up the mess, then said to me, "Oh well, we were almost done anyway."

She once spent the night at our modest little tract house in Encino, California and endeared herself to my mom by asking if we had a cat she could sleep with. My mother gave her Chico, a roly-poly half Siamese black cat.

Meredith used to call me frequently and the warmth of her voice when I picked up the phone was totally genuine. She cared about everyone. We used to despair over the fact that her hair was straight as a string and mine was frizzy-curly. I used to say that they should put us in a bag, shake us up, and maybe we would both come out right. Meredith had a knockout figure, even when she was only 12, and I was built like a beanpole. She worried that her hips would get too wide; I worried about my clothes falling off because I had no hips.

Once at the MacRae house, Gordon called on the intercom and asked Meredith to bring him a glass of 7-Up. She poured it, then asked me to take it to him because she was in the middle of something. I told her I was nervous about that and she said to just knock on the door. To her, he was just her dad, but to me, he was a huge movie star. I tapped lightly on the door and when a voice said, "Come in," I tiptoed in and put the glass on the nightstand, praying that I wouldn't spill it. Sheila said, "Oh look what she's brought you," and Gordon said "thank you". I tiptoed out and thanked God for keeping me from making a horse's patootie out of myself.

One of our favorite things was the annual "Egremont Follies" and also the class play. Meredith would always sing at the Follies. Other famous people had kids at the school, so we would see some of them at these events.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I lost touch with Meredith through a lot of traveling and when I read of her demise on the internet, I was devastated and cried bitter tears. I loved that girl like a second sister and will never forget her kindness. Janet

P.S. Allison, I never got a chance to meet you, but wish I had. Is Sheila still doing okay? I would love to e-mail her and just say a brief hello. I'll never forget her coming out to meet my dad once when he came to pick me up from visiting with Meredith. She came out wearing shorts and a blouse, hair in curlers, not a stitch of make-up and looking absolutely beautiful. She stuck out her hand to my dad and said, "Hi, I'm Sheila." Always loved that woman!"


"When Allison, Meredith's daughter, was in the 7th grade at Portola Middle School, Meredith made it a point to have parent conferences with Allison's teachers. She knew Allison would not be a "problem" to the teacher or to the other students. But, she was concerned and wanted to know where her daughter might need additional help. I remember a gentle kind woman, always greeting you with a smile. Allison has inherited many of the fine character and personality traits of her mother."


"Hi. I didn't realize until now that Meredith had passed away. What a sweetheart she was. I'll never forget the evening as a 20 year old in 1969 watching the Ice Follies at the Forum in Inglewood. I was seated in an aisle seat and during the intermission she was walking up the isle and looked right at me and smiled. Do you think I have ever forgotten that in 39 years? Bless her forever.

After reading her bio and learning who she was as a person, it's obvious that I'm one of many people she made feel special. Thanks again for a great website."


"Hi! I just watched an old episode of LOVE AMERICAN STYLE on YOUTUBE and saw your mom. Immediately recognized her. Hers was one of those faces I frequently saw on TV during the 70s. Gosh, I forgot how pretty she was! Wow. Needless to say, she left this life much too soon, eh?

What a nice thing you're doing with this website. You honor your mom well and you keep her memory alive for all of us who enjoyed her work.

Thanks & God bless"


"Thank you so much for the lovely website fondly remembering your wonderful mother/ I am watching an episode of Petticoat Junction in Chicago and have always enjoyed her on the show, especially the musical numbers!

Knowing that your famous family has brought so much joy to so many via television and films -- even to this day -- must be a wonderful legacy to reflect upon.

All the best"


"I just felt compelled to share a story how I met your mother, that sweet, beautiful creature that graced our living rooms through the magic of television. She was warm, gracious, and had a smile and a spirit that will be with me always .

I was a young widow with a 4 year old. Shopping for Christmas, I was at Michael's in Tarzana looking for some inexpensive decorations to adorn my little apartment. I wanted to make this Christmas so special for my little one, the first one I felt she would really remember .... anyway ... as I browsed the trees available outside the store I came upon a beautiful little decorated tree that would be perfect for our apartment. It was small and quite inexpensive ... I turned to my little one and asked her if she liked the little tree. She of course was somewhat disappointed that it was so very small, after all, the other trees in the stores were towering, lighted and to her very magical. Just then, your mother walked up next to me looking for something. I recognized her immediately, introduced myself and told her how very much I enjoyed her on television. Just ten my little one pointed to a very large tree and exclaimed it was the only tree she wanted. I explained to her that it just wasn't possible this year ... I turned to say goodbye to your mother ... but she had gone. I went to the cashier with our little tree, all the while my little girl looking so sad. I got to my car, buckled my little one in her car seat, loaded my packages and my tree in the trunk. Just as I was closing the trunk a young man from the store approached and asked me to wait. He then motioned to another young man carrying a 6 foot tree. I told them they made a mistake to which they responded. "no ma'am, that lady (pointing to your mother pulling away) ..bought the tree and told us to give it to you. I looked up to try to catch her eye and thank her, but she had already pulled away. When I got home, and with the help of a neighbor, we got the tree upstairs to my apartment, placed it in the corner by the window and noticed a tiny envelope tied to a branch. I opened it and there was a $50 bill enclosed with a simple note ... Merry Christmas ... Love Meredith ... We never met again, but I will always have a special place in my heart for your dear, sweet, wonderful mother who give my daughter and l one of the happiest Christmas' ever. God Bless Her."


"Last night, I was watching Magnum PI and your mother was featured and it got me wondering what she might be doing so this morning I looked her up and discovered she died in 2000 and it upset me. I had tears in my eyes and wondered why this was so. I am not usually that sentimental but later in the day as I was emailing a friend the reason came to me. Did you ever meet someone who gave off a vibe of serenity, of a genuine good person? That was what J got the day I met your mom. I was working as a radio disc. and your mother and I rode the elevator together. We exchanged pleasantries and I remember her especially because she was so nice. I can't remember what we said or we talked about, idle chit chat as people sometimes do. I wasn't star struck but more taken by how nice and sincere she was. I never forgot that day or how she smiled and carried herself, not as a TV star or anything special but as a very nice most beautiful human being. I thought maybe you would want to know how a brief meeting with your mother in an elevator has stayed with me so positively after all these years. I often wondered where Meredith (Mac Rae)'s parents came up with the name Meredith. My mom named me after Meredith Mac Rae. I have 2 sisters named Michele and Merissa and my mom wanted another 'M' but couldn’t find anything fitting until she saw Meredith Mac Rae and that is how I was named."


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